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Turkish police seized a stolen Picasso work

 Turkish authorities reported that the local police as part of an undercover operation was seized a stolen work of Pablo Picasso "Hair woman" (1940). Shown in the press-конференции cubist portrait of Dora Maar is in very poor condition.

Police posing as collectors and potential buyers of paintings, held several secret meetings at the hotel and on the yacht in the coastal zone of Istanbul. The kidnappers supposedly wanted to get a picture for $ 8 million, but after lengthy bargaining with potential customers (police undercover) agreed to 7 million. The arrest of two criminals happened in the café, where they came together with pattern to complete the transaction.
Turkish news Agency Anatolia reports that a painting by Picasso "Hair woman" was stolen from the home of some new-йоркского collector. However, a blog about crimes in the field of art Crime has the information that this work is also in collections of MOMA. This raises further questions about the authenticity of the stolen works.
On the MoMA website States that Picasso "Hair woman" presented to the Museum by will well-known collector of modern art Louise Reinhardt Smith (Louise Reinhardt Smith) after her death in 1995. The site claims that earlier work was in the permanent exhibition, but at the moment moved to the storerooms. In 2012 the work of Picasso were taken at the temporary exhibition at the National galleries of Scotland and Tate.
the Painting, discovered by Turkish law-enforcement officers, was sent to the University of fine arts named after Mimar Sinan, to conduct a thorough examination and authentication. Art Crime blog reports that the Istanbul canvas on the back has the name and seal of the collector and other tags and labels confirming the history of its existence.
However, just yesterday the Administration Picasso in Paris, which manages the artist's legacy, reported that in Turkey the work is, beyond doubt, a forgery, a replica made of the fabric that belongs to the MOMA collection.
Earlier in January, the media reported Turkish authorities arrest two smugglers who tried to sell a stolen painting by Anthony van Dyck. Then, too, it was about undercover operations and negotiations in one of the elite hotels in the city. Are the mentioned the very same smugglers who tried to sell a Picasso (or a fake) is still unknown.

Автор: Maria Onuchin, AI
Источник: artnet.com, lifestyle.inquirer.net, artinvestment.ru
22 February 2016